This lesson looks at finding TENDENCIES for Filters and we’ll cover:

Where is price relative to the GLOBEX Highs / Lows – During the session I recognized and example of a trade that signaled while price was trading INSIDE THE GLOBEX HIGH-LOW Trading Range and of course [cuz that’s the way we think in devGroup] it prompted the thought, I wonder if this could offer a filter.

What is the SIZE of the OR 10 High to Low Range [Sub 20 ticks or 5% ATR or Greater than 20 ticks and what impact does this have on the entry / Win to loss ratio

IS there a Gap Open present – Did the market GAP ABOVE / BELOW the prior DAY SESSION CLOSE?  IF SO, is the Long or Short entry in the direction of the GAP FILL?  Does this offer any additional trading edge or trading profits when used?