to their stomach!  Literally, they feel ‘funky’ if they try to SELL a Double Top [DT] or BUY a Double Bottom [DB].  Typically, it’s because it is COUNTER to their current thoughts about price action and beliefs about the market should or shouldn’t do.  HOW price should move.  In fact, that is covered in a little ‘Trading Mind’ talk about congruence.  More on that later. [Minute 13 or so in the training]  Bottom Line?  Watch the discussion on finding Support and Resistance.  Then the introduction to ‘Signal Stacking’ followed by some specifics about HOW a trading system comes together.  HINT?  Building a Case for Entry.  [Think Evidence of a likely market stall or turn] The bottom line is getting you some of the KEY POINTS you need when developing a trading system or signal that fits your personality and thus FEELS RIGHT when you place a trade!

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