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Discover The SIMPLE Methods We Use To Read Any Market On Any Timeframe

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Discover The Methods We Use To Identify A Market’s Current Condition, Reliably And Repeatably – Lessons:

  • Bring Context To Chaos Using the Swing ID Method (Finally a method anyone can use to identify important market movement quickly and easily, you won’t be lost anymore – see what the pros. see)

  • Read Market Structure Using Two Simple Candlestick Formations (It’s never been so easy to identify potential trends before they start, and identify current market conditions, you won’t be guessing about what the market is doing ever again)

  • Identify This Classic Turning Point Pattern Using a Single Letter (You can practically elminate the discretion when identifying this simple yet POWERFUL price pattern, you’ll be able to identify this pattern consistently and quickly using this technique)

  • 1, 2, 3…Putting It All Together (So many traders can “do” a lot but they don’t know how to use it in a way that works. Here in this lesson you’ll put all the skills together in this course to highlight a signal that generated over 200 pips of opportunity!)

  • BONUS LESSON – The 2618 Trade (Building off the powerful turning point pattern we created a simple, yet effective, strategy which can also be used as a conservative entry method for counter-trend trading – you’ll even learn how to use the Fibonacci retracement and extension tools along with our favorite Fib levels!)

  • BONUS LESSON – The DSR Indicator (Even after traders can read a chart and ID trends, they still often struggle with picking out important price levels or structure for entry, in the market. We’ll show you how our POWERFUL Dynamic Support and Resistance indicator will make the confusion around finding those levels on current and higher timeframes all but disappear)

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  • LIVE 30 Minute Coaching Sessions Every Weekday At 12pm New York Time (While self-study on your own is great, imagine having one of our trading coaches right there with you. There’s no need to do this alone any more, we’re with you) – These are recorded for replay if you can’t make it live

  • Real-Time Analysis and Trade Ideas (Peek at our screens, just like a fly on the wall! Imagine being able to replicate what you’ve learned in your own trading. One of the best ways to learn is to see it demonstrated for real, and copy the technique, well now you can)

  • Powerful Insights From Years of Market Experience (Some things are only learned through experience and time in the markets. You will be able to take time out of the equation and catapult your trading years into the future)

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just wanted to send a quick message to say that over the past 3 weeks I’ve taken over 521 pips out of the market…I’ve only been able to achieve this by writing down the key points, rules, messages, and experiences you provide in the Syndicate videos…I cannot thank you enough for what I have learned

Jesse T.

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful educational videos and the fantastic software of the syndicate chat room!! I stumbled upon Trade Empowered and realized that while there isn’t a magic formula, there is such a thing as a style of strategies that suit me and allow my trading to really take the next step forward!!

Neil Campbell

Syndicate Program FAQ’s

How can I cancel my Syndicate membership, and do I keep the FREE course?2018-02-27T11:48:19+00:00

Although we would hate to see you go, we understand that for various reasons you may need to cancel your membership. But, even if you do you’ll still keep the FREE NTO training course, as promised. To cancel your membership send an email to Cancellation requests should be sent no later than 2 business days prior to your subscription renewal date to ensure that your account is updated properly. You will continue to have access to the Syndicate Program through the remainder of your billing period, but we will make the auto-bill on your account inactive as soon as we receive the cancellation email. Please understand we cannot credit or refund partial payments for the time remaining on your billing period and refunds will not be processed if the cancellation request is received after a payment has already been processed on your account.

If I sign up for the $1 trial membership will I be automatically billed after the trial period is over?2018-01-31T10:50:20+00:00

Your 1$ trial provides you with 14 days in the Syndicate program. There are no contracts or long term commitments, you can cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to If you do not cancel your membership within the 14 day period during business hours then you will be automatically billed a rate of $49/month after the trial period expires on the 15th day. There will be no refunds issued in forgetting to cancel. If you contact us to cancel after any monthly billing has occurred, future billing will be stopped, and access will be removed after the paid period is over. A refund/credit will not be issued. Please refer to our website for all policies.

Are there any contracts or long-term commitments?2017-10-25T08:35:12+00:00

There are no contracts or long term commitments in the Syndicate Program.

Is the Syndicate Program a signal service?2018-11-29T10:50:05+00:00

The Syndicate Program is not a signal service. This information is designed for educational purposes only. When our professional traders identify and highlight trading opportunities they do so with the intention of helping you refine your skill and better understand the practical application of the concepts we teach. The information provided in the Syndicate Program should in no way be interpreted, or mistaken, as a suggestion or recommendation to engage in any trading activity. Neither TradeEmpowered nor any of the traders associated with this program are qualified or licensed to provide you with individual trading/financial advice. Always consult your licensed financial advisor for specific individual trading advice or personal recommendations.