Trading Market Structure can leave a trader confused, befuddled and otherwise….well, FRUSTRATED.
So, let’s take a look at some Legacy Training that discusses some of the basics of Bull and Bear
Continuation patterns in the markets AND teaches the connection between what we SEE on the charts
and what is MEANS to each trader. Using the IF/THEN thought process [we call them the TWO MOST
POWERFUL WORDS in trading] we show you just how important visual price patterns are to your success
as a trader…


NOW, Let’s move into what we call the BEAR CONTINUATION PATTER…It’s a series of New Structure Lows [NSL] followed by Lower Highs as the market heads lower



We’ve looked a Basic Market Movement and can now start to introduce ‘Signal Stacking’ with the classic RSI indicator [Relative Strength], the IS Indicator / IS Over and start to recognize market tendencies to develop some profitable trading signals…