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Good day,

I received my invoice today and…..I don’t know where to start but I am writing to say thank you, today’s war room session was great and even though I’ve only been with the syndicate for around two months, I know I have learned a lot.

I pay bills all the time, especially having 3 kids, with one of them going to college soon and another in diapers. My point is that when I see my invoice for Trade Empowered it is the one and only bill that I feel is 161.8% worth it! It is one trend that I hope continues for at least another 10 months.

I would like to have some kind of banner for my website that says that I’m a proud syndicate member, do you think I could get one, or I can make one with the company’s permission?

I want to also say that I make every attempt to be on the forums and I support wherever I am aware that I can.

Thank you again and I’ll be keeping in touch as time goes on.

Jesse Caldwell

Jesse Caldwell

I’ve never felt the need to leave a review for anything I’ve ever bought, or a comment for anything I have ever watched. I don’t mean to come across ungrateful, I’ve just not come across anything worth leaving a review/comment about! Until now.

I had this misconception that Pro Traders were right 80-90% of the time…so each time I hit a few loses in a row I would revise my trading plan and start all over again. I had been going round in circles for years. To actually follow a professional trader and hear him talk about the loses, not just the winners, and how important it is to stick to your historically tested trading plan has been all I have needed…the War room is the Nuts.

Trade Empowered have brought honesty and integrity into a business where it is so needed…thank you.

Kind Regards



I can see I’m going to be really busy over the next few weeks looking at all great free information you’ve allowed me to access.  I really appreciate the fact that you put so much information out there for free. I’m decidedly a novice at all of this and find your videos really helpful. By the way, over the last twelve months in my quest for Forex knowledge I’ve “trawled” my way through hundreds of videos on You Tube and you have stood out head and shoulders above the rest. I kept coming back to you. Thank you so much.

Best wishes


Hello, I know you are busy so I wont take a ton of your time but I wanted to say thank you for what you taught me and how far I have come from just randomly buying and selling pairs (lucky only for a few weeks before I joined the 12WT). I am only 18 and although I am completely going to finish my degree in computer science since I only have 3 semesters left I feel like the course I bought from you guys will be one of my best investment I ever make.

Adam J. Penn

Hello, I want to thank everyone at Trade Empowered for the course that you’ve put together.

With your education, I’ve been accepted into a prop firm and develop this business alongside my existing real estate carer / portfolio.

Once again, without your help, none of this would have been possible.

Joe Gulledge

Three months ago my husband and I had a huge fight about joining your program. I said to just give it a try for a few days – we have both studied all the material and never missed a Live Room!

We ran a successful option trading (signal) service for over 40 years. (In the 70’s Marty Schwartz called Stan every morning to get his pre-market view. Larry Williams frequently called me to discuss market timing and then wrote a book featuring one of my indicators. I am 77 and have a degree in theoretical mathematics with graduate work in statistics, and Stan is 86 and is an aeronautical engineer with an MBA.

We made our first option trade in the early 70’s (Potter Instruments), prior to the formal options markets, when the commissions were out of sight. We wrote the stop and target on the wall and argued about it daily, but stuck with it and made a huge profit.

Stan dabbled in options, but mostly played it by ear and was undisciplined.
I traded a few times but at the time the SEC and state regulators were sticky on ‘front running’ so we never took trading seriously.

Stan already has his trading plan written out and has done a lot of back testing. Guess you would say I have “paralysis by analysis”J But I will be okay once I get some of the basics programmed so I don’t have to rely on my very unreliable RAS. I won’t program an automated system, just little indicators that will be much more objective than I can be when evaluating the charts real-time. You taught me that you don’t need the holy grail to be profitable, so I won’t be looking for that anymoreJ

While all the material was extremely helpful, the big thing we are taking away is the mental part and how a real trader handles live trading. (I actually believe I felt worse about your losing trades than you did!)

Please convey our sincere thanks to all the other members of your team!

Gretchen and Stan

Gretchen & Stan
I am your religious watcher for about 3-4 years and I am a witness that you are a great teacher always and how you want to help people. The most important things about Forex I learned from you!
God bless you and your family. Thank you for all.
Thanks again for offering this course. You have made things a lot clearer and easier to understand!
Bill Anderson

Thank you so much – an outstanding session – pure gold!

Andrew Allwood
I really appreciate everything that you are sharing with us and I have learned so much. I have some direction at last, just hope I can put it all together. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Peter Dicks
I went through your Ratio Master Class last month and have just started watching your FMP videos. I am 63 years old and need to develop an income trading because I lost my 35 year old business several years ago. My only other option now is becoming a greeter at Walmart. Thank you for your efforts to help people become profitable traders. I have enough trading experience that I know your approach is a time tested method and believe I will be able to make money following a trading plan that you have helped me put together in the last 30 days.
David Dosch
I really appreciate these classes, by the way. The information is great, but the largest gain I’m getting is in realizing how scattered my thought process currently is while trading. The revelation that I really need to filter things down to a solid set of rules is priceless.
Bill Korbecki
If you are going to believe a guy, it may as well be the guy who has the proven track record. Thanks Jason for the awesome training!
Anthony Reno
Unbelievable. I’m trading exactly like what you teach right now alongside with this course and i just closed 3 trades with a profit of 200 pips! In only 3 hours!! You guys are amazing!
Sascha Gogolin
I paid $5k to onlinetradingacademy and did not get what I am seeing right now. Beside what they tought was basic, very basic for $5k. No comparision to what I learned here!
Skip L.

I will define myself differently than the day trader and I now understand the need for a FIRM plan. I believe you will make a differnce for me. You are doing a great job – thank you

Randy Herriman
Most places would charge an arm and a leg for what you have just given away today.
Max Sainty

Sorry I was late I will need to watch these vides again. I have been to many of these webinars but you have made me see thing differently, and help explain why I have been losing.

Mike Mueller
We are through the first week of your free training and it has delivered plenty of information. Without a doubt, anyone serious about trading has benefited from the training presented thus far. You were born to teach. There is something about your presentation that draws ones complete attention and makes learning the processes of trading easy to grasp. You are also very generous by delivering more content than you say you would. Staying long after the presentations have ended to answer additional questions and concerns from all of us really goes beyond the call. You truly “pay it forward” to those who need it. The additional presentations from Harry Dent Jr. and Norman Hallett were further icing on the cake. Harry’s insight of the “big picture” for future markets to come was nothing short of amazing full of a variety of market plays for savvy investors, and I look forward to implementing Norman’s method of identifying trading obstacles and solutions in the days ahead. Looking forward to signing up, I am “all in”.

Keep up the good work and teaching and until next time…trade what you see.

Ron Hadwiger
And while I am writing I also want to thank you for all the free training you do. For someone who has a very small account it does matter to be able to get this kind of training and insight into the market. I for one truly appreciate it.

God bless you and yours.

Thanks for another gem. I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy watching your weekly videos. Your insights from ITW were an incredible help in so far as finally helping me figure out how I want to trade. I’d been struggling to articulate what you explained so concisely and excellently. Am forever grateful and indebted to you. God bless you.

The insight you provide every week is invaluable providing both continuing education and also great trading opportunities to look at and learn from. Brilliant.


I don’t normally comment but felt compelled to add my voice to the thousands who have benefited from your generosity and expertise. You are one of the precious few who genuinely look to give something back in this industry – it’s apparent and appreciated. Blessings.

Dan Lehrer
I have been watching the FMP for about a year, the information you give has helped me move to the next level of trading and have giving me the confidence that one day I will be trading for a living. Thank you for showing us that we can live our dream.

I started following you a few months ago when i accidently discovered an email from you, since than I have become an avid follower and religiously watch your outlook every Sunday, please keep these awesome videos rolling. God Bless.

I paid $200 for a trading course and even my teacher is in this room to learn from you guys. From the first week he pointed you guys out as the best traders. Thanks from the bottom of my soul.
Marius Tomulet
Jason, Darren and the rest of the staff at TTFX. First a big thank you to all of you. I have been following your growth and content from the inception of your business. The team you have put together makes learning about Forex trading both fun and very educational. Keep up the good work. I hope for a long and continued success to all your futures.

My name is Boris Kanevski, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication to the trading community, myself included. This is actually the third time I’m attending your three-week training without skipping a single session.

I had lost two FX accounts and was struggling to get hold of a good trading strategy, good trading books, coach’s guidelines, etc. before I attended your first webinar. Hardly a unique story, but what IS unique is the following:

I’ve never come across a mentor who would take a very significant amount of time (10 three hour long sessions packed with first-class information without any exaggeration) to teach traders free of charge all the core components of trading, which include a proven trading strategy with the coverage of technical analysis, trading psychology, trading as a business, the underpinnings of the market, plus abundance of live trading examples with the coverage of risk and trade management, and a multitude of other critically important elements of trading. Also, the guest speakers are really awesome: the very last example is yesterday’s session with Harry Dent – a really insightful presentation and an eye opener, at least for me, on the economy and market trends.

Incidentally, even though there actually are thousands of other traders attending the webinars, I have a feeling that I’m working with a personal coach, as so many of the trading aspects I’m interested in are addressed in each session. And although this is not the first time I attend your webinars, I keep finding something new every single time, partly due to the fact that I’m at a higher level now and can get the most of the provided lessons, but mostly because the quality and the depth of coverage are getting even better each time in spite of already a very high base line quality-wise a year ago.

I could go on and on if I did not have a feeling it might become boring to read. However, I just would like to make the last point. Having a degree in mechanical engineering and a masters in computer science, I had initially thought I’d be able to master the markets if not without a significant effort, but relatively quickly. And you were the first to show me that dedication was a necessary but not a sufficient factor – I still had to get on the right path. Making a long story short, my trading took a turn in the right direction not long after I attended your first webinar.

And once again, I really appreciate what you’re doing for aspiring traders and wish you all the best in your endeavors.

In health and wealth,

Boris Kanevski
I counted all the indicators I have tried in the last 3 years, all 1483 of them. this course makes me realize how much of an idiot I was. Price action, what an eye opener. Can’t wait for the rest of the week.
Jaco Ferreira
I have learned more today than in the 5+ yrs I have been trading. Thank you. 🙂
Brad Johnson
After a year of losing money, the cypher alone has been slowing giving me back my money and its only been just a little over a month since I joined the syndicate.
Dimitri M.
Unbelievable. I’m trading exactly like what you teach right now alongside with this course and I just closed 3 trades with a profit of 200 pips! In only 3 hours!! You guys are amazing!
Sascha Gogolin
Content has been great. I love your unique teaching style as well. Humor and honesty.
Ian Moore
Been trading for just over 3 months and this morning I had my first trade that I actually knew the price at which I would be wrong before I entered the trade – How calming and powerful. Thanks guys, a long way to go for me but things just getting so much brighter. Can’t thank you enough!
Dan G.
What I have personally needed was someone that could put all of the pieces together in the right order. We have puzzle pieces all over the table with no clue of what the complete picture is supposed to look like, even those that are considered “guru’s” have failed to show me how to put it all together in the right order. You guys are excellent in not only the technicals and how to see the trade, but step 1, 2, and 3. What you are doing this week is priceless. Saying thanks just isnt enough.
Ellis Guy
It’s Wednesday and this course is ALREADY a TURNING POINT in my trading…..God bless you guys….or as we in Indonesia say…..Alhamdulillah.
Daniel Tonen

The basics you are preaching and demonstrating are exactly what I need to hear and learn! This week is the most rewarding time I have spent pertaining to “the market”. Again, thank you!!!

Thomas Mehlberg
Wow, I’m stunned by your passion for this! You guys are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for teaching all of us for free. You will definitely not get rid of me for the next couple of years, that I can promise you.
Sascha G.
I like your straight talking style, you might ruffle some feathers sometimes but sometimes it is the right thing to do. you are very refreshing.
Patrick Awa
I have had two of the roughest years of my 58 years. Jason you and Todd have been the inspiration I have used to stay focused and positive. All I can say is thank you. You’ll never know how much you’ve helped.
Doug Endsley

I would like to thank you for the Pro Trader Bootcamp as it has been the most valuable single piece of education I have had in my Forex journey.

I have gone the path of every trader buying this course and that course and having daily updates on the markets explaining and learning how to do this and do that. I have read countless books but never have my eyes been opened like this.

You have educated me that trading is not about the system but about yourself, finding and taking the responsibility to be profitable.

The education you gave is priceless.

All of your competitors should learn and be scared.

Pieterjan Grobler

You have probably got quite a few of these e-mails but hey one more can’t hurt.

Thanks so much for the boot camp you’ve set up. It is absolutely awsome. I have been trading for over 5 years ( well if losing money is called trading that is ) and what you mention is spot on. Trying to learn everything there is, doing the research and watching the news to still end up being on the wrong side of the market. It is nice to have someone teach me how to do it right especially knowing that you have been there, done that.

Your teaching method is one of the best I’ve come across. Straight to the point NSA type of method. And it does come to mind that if this is the free stuff than OMG I can’t even imagine what the paid stuff is.

One more thing is a very BIG thank you for recording the sessions. I could not put off work since without money you just cannot trade. I did miss the 2nd and third day but still am doing all the research needed to put together what ever I can of what I’ve missed. Still with every other day you repeat what you’ve said briefly which helps me out a lot to piece together all the valuable information you teach.

Thank you.

Kind Regards


Been trading on and off for a few years. Have had some successes and many failures, but somehow I keep coming back. I stumbled accross videos on youtube of your past presentations and have really learned a lot from you. Thank you. Although I’m very new to your strategies and am struggling through my own inexperience, I truly feel and believe that I can do this. I’m currently on a microlot account because I didn’t have a lot of money to start with, BUT I am starting to have some confidence in my trading.

Thank you immensely.

Joshua Wyett

As a former client, now profitable trader in my own right, it’s been great to drop in and hear you guys speak again about what to me is now daily bread & butter.

Andy Brooks
Eniko Biro
Remarkable training this…just to let you know, have made 3000SEK profit just by sticking to what you have shown so far…THANKS!!!
Tommy Drakbrink
I want to THANK YOU and the SUPERB FX TEAM for sharing your deep insights and knowledge. Your ability to share this valuable skill and knowledge will reap you unimaginable benefits. I will feel so much more confident and ALIVE NOW!
All I can say about sessions is that what you people shown us the past 4 days is the real thing and you dishing it for free! You are honest people no doubt about it.
Mathys Swart
That is such a great comprehensive answer to my email. It’s feedback like this that makes your team a pleasure to be a part of.
Jason Graystone
Thank you for putting out incredible content. I have watched many of your YouTube videos which have greatly helped my trading knowledge already. The 2618 strategy video was also very impressive. I am in the process of back-testing this strategy and some basic patterns using a demo account. Keep up the great work.
Scott H.