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THE TRADING BLOG 86 – Winning Can Be Dangerous

By | July 20th, 2017|

The scariest thing about today was the fact that a lot of traders made a lot of money. This statement may seem odd at first, but I promise you that by the time you're done watching this video. You'll have a much clearer idea of what I mean. FOREX [...]

The Trading Blog 85 – The Confidence Cycle

By | July 19th, 2017|

Forex Trading video discussing the topic of becoming stagnant in your trading and how to go about getting to the next level in your trading. Akil Stokes Currency Analyst & Trading Coach Trade Empowered – Empowering Traders Worldwide   Akil Stokes on Social Media Facebook Instagram [...]

THE TRADING BLOG 84 – Creating Time to Trade

By | July 17th, 2017|

Today's Trading Blog answers the question of "Do I Have Time to Trade?" In doing so I take a look at the average worker's schedule and lend advice on when and how to go about fitting your trading around it. Akil Stokes Currency Analyst & Trading Coach Trade Empowered [...]

THE FMP – Learn To Trade This Classic Chart Pattern

By | July 16th, 2017|

This week I have a very special FOREX MARKET PREVIEW for you as we take a look at how to trade one of the markets classic pattern formations.  I also demonstrate how our Dynamic Support & Resistance Indicator can be used not just to spot potential trade setups, but [...]

PPT Swing Trades – Great Week in Forex

By | July 14th, 2017|

With the equity markets in their summer time chop fest, I have added some higher time frame swing trades in Forex.  This was my first week trading them live, and I think I'm hooked.  Nearly 100 Pips in profit with one trade still working its way to target. Free [...]

The Trading Blog 82 – The Death of a Trader

By | July 12th, 2017|

If you're a trader that struggles with exiting a trade then this video is FOR YOU! Today's we look at an AMAZING QUOTE and then relates that message to an unfortunate conversation that I had with a struggling trader on the brink of losing it all. Akil Stokes Currency [...]

The Trading Blog 80 – The Frustrated Trader

By | July 11th, 2017|

FOREX TRADING video taking a look at dealing with frustration as a trader & how a few daily exercises can help you become mentally tougher in the markets. Akil Stokes Currency Analyst & Trading Coach Trade Empowered – Empowering Traders Worldwide   Akil Stokes on Social Media Facebook [...]

FMP – That Worked Out Great…Now What?

By | July 9th, 2017|

The predictions that we made in last week's Forex Market Preview went very well leaving a lot of traders extremely happy! This week I wanted to revisit those two pairs and show you how I'm looking to get involved for this upcoming week. I also want to spend some [...]