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$2500 CASE STUDY: 2 Trading Signals ONE Market….

By |February 9th, 2019|

TESTING your trading ideas is CRITICAL to your Trading Success.  OVER and OVER we talk to traders who want to know about the new 'WhizBang' trading indicator or system and then give a big Ho HUMMMM to the thought of investing time in TESTING their trading signal [your edge] to [...]

[Video Training] CASE STUDY for a $29,380 Trading System

By |October 23rd, 2018|

[Video Training] CASE STUDY for a $29,380 Trading System Trading Crude Oil can be wildly profitable.  And, well, just plain WILD.  Disruption in the Middle East?  Demand disruption?  That all leads to volatility and can lead to some fantastic profits.  This training is in TWO parts [...]

How To Trade Price Action and Market Structure

By |October 21st, 2018|

Trading Market Structure can leave a trader confused, befuddled and otherwise....well, FRUSTRATED. So, let's take a look at some Legacy Training that discusses some of the basics of Bull and Bear Continuation patterns in the markets AND teaches the connection between what we SEE on the charts and what is [...]

OR 30 Nails Crude Oil Short for $560

By |October 10th, 2018|

Trading Crude Oil lately has been, well, Volatile!???  Indeed it has and the With Trend OR30 SHORT signal took advantage of the Key Support Level break and the MOMO follow through.  This Trading Lesson covers the SHORT and how to trade Key Support Zone when it breaks and we expect [...]

ONE Signal on 3 Markets for nice profits

By |October 4th, 2018|

AND....a look at the power of diversification.  Trading the S&P500 and NASDAQ 100 futures contracts offers great opportunity each day.  Trading Signals can be found in all markets and most time frames and as is typical in most S&P / NASDAQ trading systems, we seek to profit from 3 primary [...]

the ‘Trading Psycho’ IN YOU…

By |September 21st, 2018|

Tame the HOMER TRADE with a little understanding of how your mind works.   This lesson covers fancy things like the Reticular Activating System and the POWER of rules based trading, OH, and did I mention TESTING???    I know I just lost 30% or more of you.    That's one [...]

This System makes some traders sick

By |September 21st, 2018|

to their stomach!  Literally, they feel 'funky' if they try to SELL a Double Top [DT] or BUY a Double Bottom [DB].  Typically, it's because it is COUNTER to their current thoughts about price action and beliefs about the market should or shouldn't do.  HOW price should move.  In fact, that [...]