Advanced Pattern Trader Course

The Advanced Pattern Trader Course a revolutionary new program designed to teach traders the skill of pattern recognition.

Whether you’re a brand new trader or an experienced professional, if you’re ready to learn proven techniques that will help you take your trading to a whole new level then look no further!

Devote a weekend to this course and finish it all at once, or take your time and finish the videos when you have time during your lunch break, either way this course is easy to consume and formatted in a way that allows you to work at your own pace.

Each video covers a specific concept from beginning to end so there’s no jumping from one incomplete thought to another. Plus, all of the videos are downloadable so you can save copies to your hard drive and review them for years to come.

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Let’s Take A Look At Everything You’ll Learn

Starting with the concept of Why Advanced Pattern Formations Work, in the first section we dissect the mystery behind Fibonacci ratios and pattern formations. We’ll discuss the psychological factors that influence collective human behavior and I’ll show you why that makes advanced pattern trading so lucrative.

Then we move on to The Foundations of Technical Analysis. This is where you will learn how to use structure analysis to identify impulse legs and anchor legs (the starting point for every pattern formation)

Next we move on to the proper application of Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions as it pertains to each individual pattern formation. By the time you’re done with this course you’ll be equipped with a simple step by step process that will help you identify some of the most profitable advanced pattern formations in the market today, including…

  • The Advanced Gartley Formation
  • The Advanced Bat Formation
  • The Advanced Butterfly Formation
  • The Advanced Cypher Formation

But it doesn’t stop there…

You’ll learn our specific rules for each advanced pattern formation as well as effective entry techniques for each formation and how to use limit orders for higher time frame trading…

We’ll show you how to front run your orders so you don’t miss out on valid trades…

We’ll teach you where to place your stops to limit your risk, and where to place your targets to maximize your reward.

AND rest assured…you’re going to see a ton of real life examples of these pattern formations as they appear in multiple markets and time frames.

I’ve been teaching advanced pattern recognition for a long time now and I’ve been asked just about every question imaginable, but the one I receive the most is, “Why did you choose advanced pattern trading over other styles of trading?”

There are a number of reasons that I enjoy advanced pattern trading, but one of the most influential is the versatility.

These pattern formations are extremely versatile, and once you master the skill you can apply it to virtually any market and time frame.

It doesn’t matter if you trade Forex, Futures, or stocks, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a day trader, swing trader, or position trader…these pattern formations appear everywhere and you’ll see that throughout the examples in the course.

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Special Bonus: 30 days free access to our Syndicate Program!

At TradeEmpowered we acknowledge that the best way to learn (especially advanced pattern formations) is through repetition, but you want to ensure that you’re looking at the right formations…that’s why when you sign up today, I’m going to give you 30 days free access in our Syndicate program so you can see daily examples of these pattern formations

With the Syndicate program and our brand new Syndicate software installed on your desktop, our professional traders will send you real-time screen shots and video updates that identify valid formations as they occur in the market. The more you see these formations, the better equipped you’ll be to identify them on your own, making you more and more independent as the days go by.

I’m confident this will be a priceless resource that will shorten your learning curve and get you on a path to profitable advanced pattern trading.

I’m going to provide you with the tools and resources you need.

All you have to do is take the next step, invest in your future, and get ready to harness the power of these pattern formations with the new Advanced Pattern Trader Course!

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