FOREX Education: Working on the SKILL of Trading

March 30th, 2016|Akil Stokes|

A short FOREX TRADING video walking you through a daily routine which I use to stay sharp in the markets. Akil Stokes Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading [...]

Trading Tips: 9 Habits of High Achievers

March 27th, 2016|Akil Stokes|

A Live Periscope discussing an article titled "All High Achievers Have These 9 things in Common" and how these traits can relate to our trading journey. Here's a [...]

Two Simple Words to Improve Your Trading

March 20th, 2016|Forex Market Preview, Jason Stapleton|

Ok, short message today. I've been harping on rules over the last few months, and I know a lot of you are wondering how exactly you write rules for testing [...]

3 Great Balance Beam Trades, YM, NQ & CL

March 18th, 2016|George Lambro|

Balance Beam Forecast set-ups form the PtII Seminar and from the Balance Beam Owners Series. -George

Focusing on Advanced Pattern Recognition

March 13th, 2016|Forex Market Preview, Jason Stapleton|

Join Jason in the WarRoom Tomorrow! We've been spending so much time talking about structure and simple pattern formations I thought it would be a good idea to focus [...]

Trades of the Week – Amazing Target 3 in Oil

March 12th, 2016|George Lambro|

Traders, when I mention that traders are "like to react at a certian Target"...well this is what I mean, check out Oil here. -George

FOREX TRADING: How To Make A Prediction

March 10th, 2016|Akil Stokes|

FOREX TRADING: A look at how I make trading predictions in the markets using both technical analysis & the I.P.D.E. thought process. Also a brief discussion on the [...]

Trades of the Week, Gold comes roaring back!

March 7th, 2016|George Lambro|

Traders, here is the follow thru to the 2 Balance Beams set-ups I showed you last week. You own the Balance Beam Model here:

I had a terrible week

March 6th, 2016|Forex Market Preview, Jason Stapleton|

Here's the link to the WarRoom How many times have you said that to yourself? I hear it a lot and the generally head belief is that at some [...]