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FX Weekend Review: A Trading Technique IS NOT A Trading Strategy

This week’s video compares trading techniques to trading strategies and the problems that can occur when not fully performing your analysis of the markets. I use both the NZDUSD & USDCAD as examples of  what […]

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Ask The Trader: Advanced Pattern Recognition

Today’s question came from a Twitter follower who is interested in advanced patterns.

“I’ve become very interested in harmonic patterns which I hadn’t traded previously. My problem is that I find it very difficult to spot […]

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A Thin Line Between Positive & Negative

I’ve had a lot of fun doing the “Ask the Trader” posts over the past couple of weeks but today I wanted to reflect on my trading day. Reflecting on your day is a great […]

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Ask The Trader: Picking Your Trading Timeframe

 “I’m a little stumped at an early stage. The time frame I take trades on and how this gets decided…If I decide I want to be a 5 minute chart trader would that mean I […]

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